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  • Carol Wiebe

Four Years Later . . .

At the end of this month, it will be four years since I started writing  in Silverspring Studio. I can’t say I instigated the blog; my son did that for me.

It took me a while to get used to “putting myself in the public eye.” I felt exposed and even vulnerable, at first, but here I am almost four years later, enjoying many wonderful online contacts ~some of whom I have had the privilege of meeting in person.

I think that I will keep on doing this, for the foreseeable future. But a few things are going to change, I hope. I say HOPE because it can be very difficult to pull yourself out of a comfortable rut.

The impetus for the needed change actually came from a post I wrote about making databases. I have millions (unfortunately, that is only a slight exaggeration) of URLs, downloads, and pdf documents which I was determined to put into a database and then share on this blog. I started building up links on several bookmarking utilities, such as “Add to list,” and portaportal. The name, portaportal stinks (my tongue wants to slip and call it Porta Potty), but I found it to be the best link saver of those I sampled in terms of its ability to organize your links effectively.

Then I had an epiphany. Really. It came to me in one of those hypnagogic states, like a heavenly slap to the side of the head, and I saw something very clearly.

I’ve said enough. My hand is trembling. I will share what I realized in a later post. For now, I have introduced the change, and that is sufficient for today.

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