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  • Carol Wiebe

Forget Your Perfect Offering

This song tears down any defenses that may be temporarily erected in my life, every time I hear it.

Cohen has just nailed it on this one. I put the song here so that I can go to my blog, anytime, and remind myself that imperfection is the human condition ~ that it is, in fact, a boon. Obsessing about making the perfect offering defeats the very purpose for which offerings are made: to honor another.  It is our imperfections, the cracks in our imagined perfection, that truly let the light in. Imperfections allow the vulnerability and openness that make it possible to really see someone else.

Then there is Hallelujah, which k.d. lang emotes to the bottom of her shoeless soles (soul).

If my energy is ebbing, these songs open the floodgates and creative power gushes forth.

It’s a blessing to be so suggestible.

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