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Finding the Soul of Your Subject

Finding the Soul of her  subject is Lana Lisitsa‘s aim, and I, for one, think she is quite successful at achieving it.

Lana has a fantastic artist statement, by which I mean that after reading it I was highly motivated to view her art and find out how she embodied those ideas / ideals. Here is a small part of that statement:

These days, I am deeply interested in the transitional area between real and imaginary, where the boundaries between the two are blurred, just as it happens in dreams. Often, when I observe different objects or think about them, these objects begin to change their shape, color, and meaning in my mind. Such metamorphosis fascinates me, because as images of people and objects stray farther away from reality, they begin to acquire additional facets of meaning and become more emotionally charged.

Hot n' Cold ~ by Lana Lisitsa

Tango ~ by Lana Lisitsa

Provence ~ by Lana Lisitsa

Do you see that small figure in Provence? I imagine that to be the Soul of the painting, inviting us into its structure, ready and willing to make us feel at home.

Let’s enter in, shall we?


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