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Find patterns EVERYWHERE 2

On a previous post, I showed a design that I created from a digital pic of ice on the table on our front porch. I use Photoshop Elements because it is easy, fun, affordable, and meets my current needs. I photograph paper towels, dried paint, just about anything that catches my fancy, and take it into Photoshop Elements. As an artist who uses collage, I am constantly needing and using what I call “art papers.” Because of the ease and FUN of this process, I have many MANY exclusive, personally designed art papers at my disposal, all of which can easily be transformed to customize their size and color as needed. Such fabulousness!

As I cleaned up my paint tray the other day, I saw a stamp impression . .

My paint tray with a stamp impression left in it

My paint tray with a stamp impression left on it

So, of course, I snapped a pic and created a number of art papers. The following is an example:

Branches art paper

Branches art paper

I called it “Branches,” but it could fit quite nicely into a piece where I want subtle X and O patterns:

black and white version

Branches art paper: black and white version

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