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Extreme Stitch

I have finished stitching “Broken.” I have more stitch than paper ~ a bit extreme?

We will see when I paint it. All I know is, when I am stitching like this it is quite hypnotic. I admit to getting a little carried away, stitching each and every blob of paint or change of color. I could have just chosen a few highlights of stitch, here and there, or maybe just an outline, or just the face. There are many choices as to what to stitch: I chose everything, this time.

Broken, fully stitched

At the largest setting for this image, you can not only see the edges of the paper (it will be cut away after I put medium on the image), but the dust and other “debris” that I must clean off the scanner bed. A little scanner housekeeping is in order.

#scanner #dust #debris #Broken #housekeeping #stitch #CWWOL0211

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