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Extreme Art Experimentation

I recently visited my friend Jane, who has fallen in love with creating her own design papers. Her inspiration came from a DVD she watched with me, and several fellow artists, called Mixed Media Collage, by Carrie Burns Brown. Both a preview of this DVD, and a gallery of Carrie Burns Brown’s work, can be perused at Creative Catalyst Productions. Carrie Burns Brown’s work

is nature based, rich in texture and displays luscious color harmonies. Carrie brings collage to the level of fine art. Carrie delights in discovering new combinations of materials. If she cannot find what she is looking for, she makes it herself.

The mainstay of Brown’s collage work are her painted tissue papers, and these are what Jane has been producing in an amazing array of colors and textures.

As I was looking for the Carrie Burns Brown link, I ran across a Flickr site by Mary Buek. You will wish you could touch her Exurban Abstracts and American Gothic collections. Responding to a compliment  about one of her pieces, Mary said:

This is just a bunch of stuff I had around the studio . . . it’s a movable feast. . . I add stuff periodically and switch things around. Nothing is glued down and it’s changed since I took the picture. Experimental in the extreme.

Move over Extreme Sports! Mary is upping the ante with her Extreme Art Experimentation! There is a BIG grin on my face as I imagine a million elements all over Mary’s studio which she is forever repositioning, and snapping photographs of, for her next Flickr post. I would love to be a fly on the wall as she frantically attempts to reconstruct an art piece, made months back, because a buyer has requested it.

Then again, maybe an Extreme Art Experimenter doesn’t get frantic, doesn’t panic. Like any experienced athlete, Mary calmly and deliberately practices her moves of repositioning the myriad of art elements, using all her physical, mental and spiritual muscles as she revels in the challenge of re-creation. It’s just another kind of rush. And I, Mary, am one of your cheerleaders. But forget the pom poms and tiny pleated skirt~that would be a little too extreme!

Kilim, a desig paper by Carol Wiebe

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