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Exhilarate In How Your Chosen Subject Keeps Expanding

The other day I wrote a post about X and O marks. They are marks I often produce, and an art video I was watching reinforced that other artists use them too. The artist in the video commented that she made them frequently, and didn’t know why.

I had put an X and O design on the front cover of one of my art journals, and decided I would fill the entire thing with X and O designs to see where it took me. Then it struck me that I could take the X and O post, print it out, cut it up, and use the words as collage material for that journal (I enlarged the words in Photoshop Elements). This idea really struck me: I could use some of my posts to explore ideas, which could then turn into themes for my art journals, and subsequently produce an art quilt or two from my thoroughly investigated subject.

Perhaps I am exaggerating how much investigation was involved, but at least I will have examined the subject to some degree. I can then go as deep as I care to venture with the confidence that I have chosen a subject with some purchase for my imagination to grab hold of. For me, just collecting words is inspirational. Every word is a springboard for any number of associations.

X and O Exercise ~ by Carol Wiebe

Once my mind starts cogitating in a certain direction, numerous events and references begin to manifest around me. I might hear a song on the radio about someone’s ex. I might read an article about omens, or a lot of people will offer me their opinions on this exact subject. These events would not have impressed me with the force they now do due to the orientation of my mind. I find this process thoroughly enjoyable because it is so enriching. My chosen subject just keeps expanding. With any luck, poetry will begin to overflow, or exude.

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