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Even an Artist Has To Be Practical Sometimes

The flaky artist stereotype lives on. Those who get to know us soon realize that we are creative, innovative, and passionate about what we do. And, we can definitely be practical. For instance, my extra time this week has gone into sewing drapes for our newly remodeled bedroom.

The bedroom has two large windows, facing the back yard, that need covering. First came the shopping for hardware, which we managed to buy at half price (finials and all). Then there was picking out drapery material. Because we want a minimum of fabric on either side of the window (when the drapes are open), we opted for the large grommet look.  This involved making a template of paper which mapped out grommet holes, and testing it on the curtain rod to help us estimate how much fabric we needed. Then the 4 rectangular pieces of fabric had to be hemmed on all 4 sides (16 sides in total). I’m almost finished with that. Tonight I hope to cut out all the grommet holes in the fabric (40 in total). My husband Ted will be putting in the grommets, and hanging the hardware. As soon as the job is done, I will show you the results.

Unless, of course, the drapes don’t turn out well ~ in which case, I’m hoping you’ll forget about it.

I’m sure you’ve all seen those aprons and bumper stickers that read: I’d rather be (you fill in the blank). I’d rather be making art, of course, but I sleep better in a dark room. I also don’t want to shock (or scare) the neighbors behind us.

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