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Eschew safe and go WILD

I love that word, eschew. Sounds like a sneeze, but means so much more in terms of letting go. I interpret it as standing my own ground, embracing what I believe in, having the guts to go my own way.

Maybe it’s my birthday yesterday, maybe it’s getting ever closer to my sixth decade, maybe it’s a glimmer in the air, but I feel a deep welling inside to just GO FOR IT as far as my art is concerned. What does that mean? Following my impulses with gusto: stepping on the gas and ignoring the brakes. Encouraging wild ideas and expansive gestures.

I took another vegetation in the grass photo. Being on the periphery, along the edges, keeps one from blindly following the norm. This can be very good for eschewing what is safe, as long as it doesn’t become an obligatory credo.

Along the edge

I’ll see where this takes me.

#wild #grass #lettinggo #expansivegestures #sneeze #safe #credo #CWWOL20110309a #wildideas #periphery #alongtheedges #eschew #obligatory

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