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Enough Is Enough

Jeane handed me a 3 word note at the workshop I took from her in Southampton:

Edit.Allow access.

A recent post tells you something about Jeane’s editing process. She possesses a ruthless ability to sweep away excess.

As for me, she added a further suggestion to edit MY LIFE, at least as it pertains to art (which just about covers all of it).

You see, I came to the workshop with about 8 full boxes of supplies (it was for a whole 5 days, right?) and Jeane made me put away everything except a few brushes, some paint, and a couple items I could not do without. I did it quickly and fairly easily there (Diane and Patty could confirm this part of the story if you are finding it hard to believe I could do that).

At home is another matter.

I could take the easy way out and tell myself something like, “Well, Jeane is a minimalist. I need a wide array of choices of materials, which add richness and variety to my work.”

Yes, I could say that, and you might believe it.

But I am drowning in art materials, emails, blog entries, computer files, ideas, and etceteras.

I need focus. I need to EDIT.

Jeane, would you mind coming over and kicking my butt? And then giving me a hug?

Mona Myers

Jeane is so familiar with the abyss that she does not cling to any qualms as she shoves you over that impasse you keep whining about. (You know, the one you thought was keeping you    from falling?)

Glance upward as you plummet and see her through the ends of your hair, leaning over

and smiling.

© carol wiebe

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