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Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience


Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience is much more than a subtitle: it’s a life strategy.

It comes from a book by Sally Kempton, called Meditating For the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience. There is much to ruminate on within this book, including Elizabeth Gilbert‘s forward, which is a humourously self-deprecating, unabashed endorsement of Kempton’s approach to meditation.

Kempton goes right to the point in the beginning of chapter one:

Meditation is not something for which you need a special talent, the way you need a talent for mathematics or art. The real key to going deep in meditation is wanting to go deep. The more you crave the taste of the inner world, the easier it is to meditate. In Sanskrit that desire is called mumukshutva, the wish for freedom that comes with Self-knowledge. Your desire doesn’t have to be huge at first. Even a slight spark of interest is enough, because the inner world is actually yearning to open up to you.

Even a Slight Spark Is Enough

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