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January, 2011, I decided to join the Sketchbook Challenge. I did so, quite frankly, with reluctance. Why?

I am driven to pick up on and follow threads, clues, intuitions that capture my attention and await expression. Whatever I may have joined, because I was drawn to the energy and vision of another, falls by the wayside as I obey my inner response to these promptings.

Here we are, though, on the edge of November, and I have managed to send a number of entries into the monthly challenges. I attribute this to the “time is ripe” factor and my personal connection with Sue Bleiweiss. I consider her an extraordinarily creative person who has assembled a dynamite team around her.

Today’s entry is the first and second page of a handmade book I am working on, with the working title Engaged. The theme “view,” seems perfect to me, because the view from transcendence is quite stellar.

Art Book: "Engaged" pages 1 and 2

Page one is actually the inside of the front cover. The book has 12 pages, counting the back inside cover as page 12. It is based on the following poem, written to the tune of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. You can literally sing the stanzas (I didn’t include the chorus between them).

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