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Emotional Hunger


Why would I think of watermelon on a cold day in January?

If you need to ask that question, you do not adore watermelon the way I do. Just seeing the right shade of red, and dark dots in or near it can bring this luscious fruit to mind. (I refer to the old school watermelons ~ eschewing those new-fangled seedless varieties.)

I could grab a watermelon as big as an elongated basketball and eat the whole thing in one sitting. In fact, I used to do just that when I was pregnant (twice) over the summer. My doctor was puzzled as to why I had gained so much weight when I assured him I ate mainly fruit and vegetables. Corn on the cob, with lots of butter, was my vegetable of choice, along with the fruit I’ve already mentioned.

It all started with a photo of snow that the wind had formed into an intriguing pattern. I was totally unsuspecting as I began to digitally manipulate this image.

Holes In Your Thinking

However, as I played with color, saturation, layering and flipping, the photo morphed into watermelon. At least that is what leapt from my subconscious to my taste buds, awakening pangs for this protuberant pepo.


It will be nearly impossible to find watermelon or corn on the cob in any store in this area in January, but emotional hunger cannot be denied.

I must try. And no, I am NOT pregnant. (Please stop laughing.)

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