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Embroidery As a Blood Sport

I definitely have the stitching spirit.

It’s a bit funny to try to stitch “the look” of spirit. What makes me think it looks like spirit, anyway?  And stitching spirit would need a mighty fine thread, indeed. Gossamer fine. Having no spider webs to cut up and thread through my needle, I used my usual polyester sewing thread, which looks more like steel cables in this context.

Just wait: when I paint this piece I will bring out the gossamer look. (The pressure I put on myself!)

I stitched a different version than the one I showed a on July 11. This version is darker. (I won’t go into dark spirits, although we could have a good discussion about them).

Lily Spirit ~ stitched

And here’s the back. I am getting lazier and lazier about cutting off the thread ends properly.

Lily Spirit ~ stitched (back)

Can you find the blood spot? (Ouch!) Who would have thought embroidery was a blood sport?

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