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Elena Ray’s Project in Progress

I have written about her before, because gazing at her photo based illustration makes the spirit within me flutter its wings. Elena Ray’s works are evocative, subtle, multi-layered. And she is humble about the amazing way she intertwines her images, tells her stories, suggests and entices, insisting that:

The creative process comes through us, not from us. We are creativity.

She channels creativity so effectively because her ego steps aside. Her arms are perpetually outstretched, ready to receive. Take a look at this, or this. Revel in her entire project in progress. It’s definitely worth your attention.

Thank you for these, Elena.

It reminds me that doing art is not just about the work: the right techniques, mastering color theory, nailing down the principles and elements of design. These are important, of course, but what the artist is becoming as she does the work, what she is mindful of, aware of, awakening to . . . . these are the less tangible, but every bit as real benefits of art making.

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