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Easily Inspire a Series

If you’ve been following any of my craziness, you know that I love to take my paintings, scan them, play with them digitally and make LOTS of new versions. Sometimes the differences are subtle, but they are always significant to my way of perceiving things.

Here are a few from Burst of Spring:

Burst of Spring 5

Burst of Spring 6

Burst of Spring 9

Burst of Spring 11

Burst of Spring 18

The beauty of these digitals is that they become another starting point. When I stitch, I often join parts of the pattern in different ways than the “original” and new patterns emerge. It is great fun to produce a work in stages ~ it takes on more and more richness with the layered approach, and easily inspires a series!

#series #stages #BurstofSpring #CWWOL20110412 #newpatterns

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