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Drawing Challenges

When Margi asked the class to draw their own faces, a nervous tension stole into the room. Drawing is a challenge for many artists: they are confident in other ways, but drawing has the power to terrify. With a few tips, and lots of encouragement, everyone went on to produce a face, and attach it to a paper doll. The end results were both satisfying, and hilarious. No-one could prevent a giggle from slipping out as they passed the paper doll wall.

Here is the face I drew. I love to draw, but would never purport to be a portrait artist.

Quick face sketch while looking in the mirror

This drawing does show off the shape of my new haircut. If you are wondering where my eyebrows are, let me assure you that they really are hard to find.

Paper Doll Name Tags

My paper doll looks like she’s doing the highland fling. There should be ten paper dolls ~ but this gives you a good idea of how they turned out.

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