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Doodles Into Handmade Stamps

Now I’ve turned a few doodles into stamps. The one with the blue smudges was used on the fabric below (the small, partial, turquoise patterns).

Here is another stamp, and the scrap piece of fabric I stamped onto.

I’d love it if you’d share with me how you make your stamps. These are pieces of fun foam sheets (the kiddie stuff) glued onto a base of the same material; the most playful were the ones produced very quickly with scrap pieces. I’ve always thought I should carve stamps using lino, erasers, or some kind of carving block, but then you need a hand tool, and all kinds of carving tips, and on and on. It just never seemed to happen. This was soooo simple. All I needed was the fun foam sheets, an exacto knife, a sharp pair of scissors and printed patterns. I actually just glued the pattern, after I printed it out, onto the fun foam with white glue. That made cutting out the pattern, and placing it on the correct spot on the base, ridiculously easy.

I’ll post a few more fabric samples in the next day or two. I also have some more of my weekly quilts coming up . . .

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