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Don’t Tell

Last night, I grabbed a piece of plain, computer paper along with a magazine, needle and black thread, and a black pen. I started ripping pieces out of the paper and sewing magazine scraps behind them. Other bits of pages were added on top. I let my needle be my pen, and sometimes I drew with the actual pen ~ like that face near the top right corner.

Original stitched collage

This morning, I scanned the collage and fixed it up a bit.

Fixed up collage

Some would call this an improvement, some wouldn’t. Whether or not it’s an improvement is not the point ~ what I learn playing around with these tools is my real aim.

I really liked the center of that strange green and red shape: it has entered my shape/symbol library. Oh, and the gagged face just to the left of the first face I mentioned was a total surprise. I saw it in the design.

Then I added another face I drew last night. I aslo layered in a pic of the back of the original piece.

Don't Tell 1

Now I turned the whole thing blue and added a different version of the original face.

Don't Tell 2

I really like the bottom section. The woman seems to be considering whether or not to tell. I think she will.

Finally, I created another version using the second face, twice.

Don't Tell 3

I don’t know if I will go any further with this particular piece, but my methods were fun and all 3 would make excellent collage papers. Make that 4, if I include the back of the original collage (and I will).

If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything. …………. ~ Mark Twain

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