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Don’t Ask Teachers What They Make . . .

I’m a teacher, too, and Mr. Mali does us proud.

The New York Times called Mali a ranting comic showman and a literary provocateur.

Michele Forman, 2001 National Teacher of the Year (USA), said, “Taylor Mali speaks of the world of the teacher with power and grace. His voice is our voice. ”

Buy Mali’s books, and watch his Poem Videos. Or, get involved and join Poetry Slam, Inc.

His 13 tips for performing poetry in public are inspiring and convincing. My favorites:

#3: Clarity above all else. If the messenger is not clear, then there really isn’t any message, is there? You could be the most brilliant poet in the world, but if no one understands you they won’t listen. Try over enunciating, exaggerating the shape of your mouth with each word. You will not sound as stupid as you think you look.
#4: Everyone wants you to be amazing! Despite what you might think, the audience is not waiting for you to mess up. Nor are they hoping you do so. They want you to blow them away with your words. So do them a favor and do so.

Do us a favor, and show us how amazing YOU are!

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