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Crochet, I say!

I found this pic on Joana Vasconcelos‘ site, and it reminded me, once again, why I love crochet. It is completely adaptable to a myriad of applications. Say, for instance, that you want to cover a piano . . . . Joana is really “out there,” which I admire and enjoy. She lists “piano” on her material list. Hilarious: how many artists get to do that? Below the piano and stool, see her crocheted dining suite. Don’t stand too close to this dynamo, or you may find yourself ensconced in yarn!

Crocheted piano and bench by Joana Vasconcelos

Crocheted suite by Joana Vasconcelos

I have employed crochet in many ways. A few years ago, I made little stitched bags of cotton, joining the fronts and backs with crochet; the strap was crocheted also. For a while I made crocheted neckpieces, which I then embroidered and beaded.

These days, as I am totally enamored with paper quilting, I sometimes use crochet as an edging or even a binding, two of my favorite methods. Crochet is infinitely versatile, as the hook can be inserted anywhere and a stitch begun. I also recently devised a way to use crochet in my hanging devices for my quilts.

For now, I’ll show you a few of those neckpieces:

Crocheted, embroidered, beaded neckpiece with papier mache inclusion

Crocheted, embroidered, beaded neckpiece with papier mache inclusion

Crocheted, embroidered reversible neckpiece, side a

Crocheted, embroidered reversible neckpiece, side b

I also love using crochet in my mixed media art quilts: see Workshops and Presentations for Quilting Meets Crochet!

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