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Crochet Crazy

I’ll admit it: I have gone crochet crazy.


It first happened in my early twenties and I thought I was cured. It has been under control for a few decades now, with just an edging here, a joining there. I knew what could happen if I let it take over. In my twenties, I could get away with hours of sitting and not have the spread happen (don’t pretend that you don’t understand what I am talking about). I can’t just sit around with a hook and yarn all day, as hypnotic as making those stitches seem to be for me.

The song Patsy Cline made famous occurred to me, I Fall to Pieces. Except, I sing it more like this:

I crochet pieces, New patterns simply captivate. I crochet pieces, Everything else just has to wait. You want me to act like I’ve better things to do. You want me not to look, to avoid my yarn and hook. And I’ve tried and I’ve tried, but I only start to cry When I deny crocheting pieces.

As Doris Chan quips, “Crochet ain’t easy.” She also says:

As a professional designer and author I spend most of my time in my own crochet alternate reality.  There are days and weeks on end where I hardly talk to anyone but other crocheters who deign to come out of their own crochet alternate realities.  I have to be reminded that not everybody speaks the language.

Enter future girl, AKA Alice, whom I dropped in on with her post about the peacock stitch. OooooWeee, that is pretty! The peacock sweater posts got my mind’s wheels turning so fast that I could hear them whirring. Look at this sleeve! She got me excited about charting, as well, which Alice says makes the crocheting Doubleplusfun. Not to mention her schematic . . .  How clever to use a favorite T-shirt to guide her.

Thanks for the inspiration, Alice. You rock, er, hook!

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