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Create Your Own Designer Fabric


After my painted fabric was dry, I started putting combinations together, often in surprising ways. Or, I could extend the process by adding new layers of paint, stamping, stenciling. When I was satisfied with the fabrics, and the way they went together, I often found myself ripping and tearing instead of carefully cutting. Or cutting freehand, without a pattern. Suddenly, cloth had become the starting point for my quilts, and it was my cloth.

Let me tell you a little about Gunnel. Originally from Sweden, she studied textiles there and in London, England. Her company, Trees Textile Designs & Printers, produced seasonal lines of clothing and cloth for major productions (like Lion King in Toronto) for over 30 years. The owner of ColourVie, Gunnel is an enthusiastic, inspiring teacher. Always encouraging, she knows and demonstrates a thousand different paths to the same goal: gorgeous cloth. Meaningful cloth. On her site she says:

“It is so simple to mix your own colours for creating your own printed and dyed textiles. To produce brilliantly coloured designs all you need to do is add Colour Vie Pigments and Resfix to the Base.

She’s absolutely right: it’s simple, it’s fun, and like me, you may never look back


to the way you used to make quilts.

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