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Coming Through

I am still working steadily on the painting in a shadowbox, the quilt for the Grand National and a couple pages in one of my art journals (which are all drying as I type). It is Spring Break, this week, which allows me to have so much on the go.

The problem is, I have nothing to “show,” except this little stitched piece, taken from an artwork I made long ago. I don’t know why I spend time tracing the “lineage” ~ it seems better to consider each element of a collage as just that, an element, a certain color or texture, or pattern. “Does this fit here? ” is the relevant question, not “Where did this come from?” But then (I am always my own devil’s advocate), doesn’t the history add richness, a greater depth of meaning, to the new artwork?

Coming Through

I am working at not thinking so much.

In the evening I “take a break” from making art in my studio, and simply stitch by hand (doodling with thread). You never know where and when a little stitched piece might come in handy. My hands have a hard time sitting still: they want to follow my mind, which is usually in motion.

I am working at simply sitting still. Take a look through the rest of Carol Wiebe Wonders Out Loud to see how much success I am having with that particular goal. There is always something “coming through.” Only a fabulous, grab-my-attention-and-run-with-it book can still these hands and head. That, and a great conversation, or terrific movie. A tasty dessert has temporary stopping power.

There, you see, I am not so driven as it first appeared.

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