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Coming Out of the Crochet Closet

I started crocheting in my twenties, plying my hook furiously and fearlessly for a few years. Quilting and painting obsessions were added fairly quickly (I have drawn my entire life, but painting came much later). Now, inexplicably, I am mad about crochet — again. There is no explaining it, or denying it. I am thinking and dreaming about crochet and designing stuff in my head. What I love most about it is that any shape is possible. A hook can be inserted anywhere. And the texture! Crochet artists have re-invented the art of attaching crocheted motifs together to make stunning pieces of clothing.

I have used it in my mixed media bag of tricks as an edging, a joining mechanism, and even for adding a motif here and there along with other collaged items to my paper quilts and paintings. Stitch and crochet are complete compliments, blending beautifully together in such an organic way. But now, I want to make bigger items, like jackets or tops, maybe even dresses. We’ll see if this cools, and the fever passes.

In the meantime, I’m checking out crochet links on the Web. There are MILLIONS of them, and that is no exaggeration.

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