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  • Carol Wiebe

Coming Down to Earth


Of course I HAD to turn my one angel into a host of them . . . . Well, four to be exact (one for each of the four corners). I simply took a photo of the original and played with the result.

The Four Corners

It is very much a part of my nature to keep pushing whatever envelope I happen to be holding. I have a very difficult time doing the same thing twice. Something always changes. Changes completely.

My challenge is halting the creative process, not accessing it. After all, one does need to “come down to earth” occassionaly, to take care of business. People are always asking me, when I start spouting ideas like a fountain, if I write them down. Save them for picking up later, perhaps on a dry day.

No. Not usually.

I trust that, as they keep evolving, I will get even better ones.

I also believe that ideas are like the proverbial magic penny–they keep coming when you give them away. That is one of my greatest joys while teaching workshops. As ideas start flowing, more and more are encouraged, and everyone in the room benefits from the waves of creativity that wash over us all.

Does anyone feel like going for a dip?

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