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Collage and green paint change everything

I’ve added collage, and green paint, to yesterday’s painting. It looks quite different.

Painting in progress

I will tackle the inner pieces after the green paint dries.

Later on in the evening, I started thinking about my purpose–not only for starting this blog, but for making art in the first place. It is for self revelation. I have this instrument, my embodiment, which in my philosophy consists of body and spirit. The two work in tandem. Often, we get so carried away with physical “realities” that our spirit is left to languish, and then we wonder why life seems empty. It is of utmost importance to me that I pay attention to spirit, that I listen to that still small voice, hear the music, smell the flowers.

Just as we attempt to interpret our nocturnal dreams by paying attention to symbols, colors, characters, actions, localities, words, we can cultivate the openness to interpret the “waking dream” of our life. Art is like a dream snapshot. When I create a piece of art, I know it is trying to tell me something, help me understand an aspect of my life. In fact, every stage of creating that piece of artwork will also add to my understanding, if I practice being open to what it has to offer.

Diane Kramer, an artist I admire very much, talks about journeying into her intuition and returning with revelations to share. She does this by creating paintings and sculptures that tell the story of what she has seen and heard. We can all do this: it merely requires that we surrender to our inner guidance, cast our attention upon it, quiet ourselves before it, and then have the confidence that what we received has validity.

If I look at this painting above, I see fragments, but I also discern many points of light, illuminations that break through the fragmentation and will eventually reveal the pattern. The piece is not finished, but the fact that green surrounds and penetrates the fragments indicates growth.

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