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Cloak Yourself in Dreams

Courtney Putnam from The Healing Nest wrote a post about manifestation that I consider a superb way to start stimulating my thinking for the summer. Actually, this is timeless “advice,” and Courtney offers it with such disarming humility and humour that one could almost miss how expertly it is written.

Courtney makes a salient connection between the “intangible” imagination where our dreams and intentions reside, and the way our hands, our whole physical being, in fact,  help us embody those dreams.

She asks a lot of questions, Ms. Putnam does, but rather than leaving you hanging on another rhetorical hook, she masterfully maneuvers those queries in the direction of  a very inspiring answer:

Without these wishes and intentions, what are we to manifest? How is manifestation possible without imagination? How are we to transform a guitar riff in our head into music without our little imaginative muses working away inside us? Or what of the poem incubating in your heart or the love you wish to find in your life? Without imagination, dreams, and intentions, how are we to embody what we want in our lives? And what of manifesting good health and well being? How do we do this? I think we do this in the same way we manifest an emotion as a painting. We imagine ourselves in good health, with calm hearts and minds, with lightness and joy, and we make these intentions visible. We paint them, draw them, state them, draw them on the bathroom mirror, walk them, stretch them, or share them with a friend. In all, we give them a chance to be real.

Web ~ by Carol Wiebe

What dreams are you letting languish, instead of pulling them out of your imagination so that you can “wear them like cloaks and walk around in them?” Courtney recommends applying sequins to those dreams to attract the light, and make manifestation even more likely.

Waiting for someone else to discover us, or validate us, is like trying to use another person’s passport. Your hopes and dreams are your passport, so allow them to show you the way. Encourage them to transport you wherever your deepest desires want to go.

Give them a chance to become real.

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living. ~ Anais Nin

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