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Chris, I Would Be Remiss If I Didn’t Add This

I wrote a post in the past about Chris Bolmeier’s twisted sense of humor, but provided very little information about her art. I admit that was a great oversight which I shall redress immediately!

Chris had a show at Lauritzen Gardens, a botanical center in Omaha, from March 2 through April 14, 2009. Her site provides pictures of the lovely gardens, but only a small glimpse of her paintings. Let me direct you to her online gallery, as well as her galleries in The Painter’s Keys and imagekind. Take your time on imagekind ~ there are many pages of artwork to enjoy. Oh, and read about her travails of setting up an art show if you want a side-splitting, behind-the-scenes account of such a venture.

You may be able to take advantage of an opportunity to see Chris’s work “up close and personal” at Dick Blick Art Materials on 78th and Dodge (by the Panera Bread store). Of course, you must either live in or travel to Omaha, Nebraska, in order to achieve this. If fortune is smiling on you in a Chris Bolmeier sort of way, and you manage to get there, a diverse selection of style and subject matter will reward your eyes.  You can purchase an original painting, a super quality print (signed and numbered), or art note cards that are suitable for framing. This notice came up for May 9, 2009. Call the store for further details.

Jacqueline~by Chris Bolmeier

If you do get to the store while Chris is there, I’d appreciate it very much if you sent me a personal note on a Chris Bolmeier card. I’d appreciate it even more if you didn’t write anything on it, but had Chris sign it: “to my fantastic friend, Carol.” Perhaps she might put a tiny flower over the dot on the i in fantastic, or a star. Make sure she does NOT put an e on the end of Carol. Better yet, get her to sketch a cow ~ I love her cow painting ~ but no, that might send the wrong message. In any case, put fragile on the envelope so that I can still frame it, alright? Actually, I’ll cut it in half and frame both sides together. Don’t leave without her signature! And don’t write my address so hard that an impression mars the card. But I digress  .  .  .  .

Chris has benefited from many formal classes, but maintains a strong belief that “a painter must paint and paint before they learn to paint like themselves.” Obviously, Chris has met, and exceeded, her own criterion. She has “painted and painted” her way to creating work that is fully herself.

Please enjoy some of my favorites:

Red Floor~by Chris Bolmeier

Crackling Forest~by Chris Bolmeier

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