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Celebrate Chaos

I have written about Susan Cornelis before, because her work and her words are fresh, full of energy, and never fail to lift my spirits. Her blog is positive and encouraging. Her humor will have you giggling as you stop to admire the many journal pages and paintings she posts. Susan uses collage, acrylic paint, watercolor paint, ink, pencil, charcoal, and a variety of natural materials that she sprinkles here and there to seed her love of nature into her work. I find her sketches of the figure especially compelling: both the sketches themselves, and the way she describes them, help the model to come alive.

A recent post, called Control Chaos, is a typical example of Susan’s humor and honesty.

Control Chaos ~ by Susan Cornelis

As you can see, when you let the Muse in the door you must sometimes sacrifice your sophistication as your little girl self sneaks in as well.  It couldn’t be helped.

I consider it vital to follow your Muse, wherever it takes you. Susan doesn’t so much control the chaos as display ways that you can harness it and use it to your advantage. A quick glance at Susan’s gallery will assure you that she doesn’t always sacrifice her sophistication, but don’t you appreciate the fact that she is willing to showcase her little girl self? That little girl occasionally demands nurturing, but not everyone is brave enough, or adventurous enough, to make a reveal like this. It show Susan’s confidence and willingness to share.

Susan has a new book out, called Conversations with the Muse.

It is her “invitation to boldly step into the land of imagination and follow your own innate artistry.” Susan has effectively melded her life and art, and this book is a glowing testament to that union.  I invite you to travel with her ~ she is a teacher you can trust to facilitate the release of the the artist you know (or hope) you have inside. Her own work is a map.

You will learn to celebrate chaos, because it will provide the impetus to push you into territory you never dreamed you could go with your art.

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