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Cave of Dreams

Patricia Bolton, the dynamic editor of Quilting Arts and Cloth, Paper, Scissors (I have subscriptions to both magazines) issued a challenge in her Editor’s Blog last September (2006). I was fortunate enough to be one of the 30 to respond in time, and receive one of her bags of “goodies.” She invited us to create anything “your artful heart desires.” Her goodies included: handpainted silk, a piece of lace in gradations of color, a coffee filter, a gold gridded piece, some hand-dyed cotton, a painted napkin, dyed cheesecloth. We were given a little over a month to make our creation and send a pic back to the QA blog, but I had to wait until my package arrived by regular mail to Canada. When it did arrive, I wasted about 5 minutes panicking: “What am I going to make?” Then I just let my hands and intuition go–I began cutting and watching it evolve. The final piece ended up being 23” (length) by 21” (width). I added some of my own fabric, crystals, charms, a beautiful Czech button, embroidery floss, and used a bit of the envelope (tyvek) that everything came in. I called it “Cave of Dreams,” and went a little over the top as far as my usual embellishing goes, because dreams are quite spectacular in their presentation! I also wrote this short poem that I put on the back of the piece:


Cave of dreams

My body lies in darkness but my spirit seeks the light. That’s why I search the cave of dreams so fervently each night. © CAW October, 2006

It was published on Patricia Bolton’s blog in November, 2006. You have to scroll down a fair amount, but the Bolton tutorial is worth it!

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