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Capturing an image

It’s the last day before September, the month that has always felt like the beginning of a new year for me.  Many years of schooling, and then teaching, have ensured that my emotional New Year’s Day is the first day of school. As a symbol of the new year, I choose this flying crow. I have a thing for crows: anyone who has even glimpsed at my work can attest to this fact. My initials could be a factor: CAW.

Why crows? There are many reasons: crows are intelligent, with complex vocalizations. Often associated with death, probably because they eat carrion, crows and ravens are also considered messengers of transformative knowledge, and revealers of secrets. Cheryl has written some interesting articles about crows: The Crow in World Mythology, Crows in Art, Decorating with Crows, The Science of Crows, and Crows in Literature.

Many people have an irrational hate for these birds. Taking pictures of them prompted a number of caustic remarks, such as “Why would you waste film on those filthy things?” Such emotional reactions interest me: there is something powerful at work. And I have no film to waste with a digital camera!

Crow in flight

Crow in flight

My camera, whose small size allows it to be taken anywhere with ease, does not seem to allow me to “capture” crows. I will need to query a few of my photographer friends to determine if anything besides a bigger, better camera can amend this quandary. However, I developed a strategy of walking up to them slowly, aiming my camera above them, and clicking just as they became uncomfortable with my presence. A couple of times, I actually captured a crow in flight!

That flow of feathers is gorgeous, isn’t it?

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