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Call me determined

Call Me Determined

I really love to stitch ~ hand stitch. It is slow, slow work, especially since I stitch on paper.

I used to make reverse applique quilts, with actual fabric, and that could be described as “laborious” as well, though it never seemed that way to me.

But I have always loved working with paper, and once I tried stitching it, I fell in love with its unique properties. I use printer paper, onto which I have printed one of my own paintings, digital or otherwise.

My mother was an impeccable seamstress, and she sewed very fast. Everything she did was done fast. Both the hand quilting and paper stitching absolutely mystified her. WHY would I not want to use a machine? And what was the point of stitching cheap paper?

I am very stubborn ~ Mom told me so many times as I was growing up, whenever I had objections to doing what she thought I should do. My pointing out that she was every bit as stubborn never went very well.

It is clear to me now that we were simply two strong females trying to deal with very different personalities.

I continue to dislike the term stubborn. If you have to name this attribute, call me determined.

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