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By the skin of my teeth

I added a journal page to The Sketchbook Challenge for February, today (last day of February). The theme was opposites. My “page” is too late for the prizes, which are drawn randomly ~ presumably before the last day of the month! I’m just glad to have added one to the pool.

I wrote a little haiku and stitched it on the page before painting it.

Even in pieces

Even in pieces the soft flower on concrete bestows complete grace.

I also met my deadline. I finished the quilt today, photographed it, and have the entry form ready to hand in tomorrow, the last day in which it can be submitted.  “By the skin of my teeth” applies again. While leaving oneself such a small margin can be tiring, it is also exhilarating. Decisions must be made quickly and irrevocably. You jump in and go with the flow. What results has a somewhat inevitable feeling, like it was meant to be.

Perhaps that is why procrastination is such a popular activity.

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