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Building Geometric Shapes with a Hook and Thread

I love the geometric quality of crochet, especially crocheted motifs.

The threads behind these motifs, which have not yet been worked into the crochet, partially block the patterns from being fully appreciated. The safety pin is a reminder of the underside, where the threads will later be hidden.

Creating these “building blocks” for whatever garment I might care to design is very satisfying. And that orange! I can’t believe I once eschewed orange in clothing: I now crave its lively, warm glow.

Orange crochet motifs

Crochet provides a fascinating way to make art. I absolutely believe that a beautifully designed, crocheted piece is a work of art. I can hardly wait to see what these motifs will turn into. It all depends on how I join them together.

#buildingblocks #morifs #orange #glow #satisfying #underside

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