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Born to Shine

There is a school of thought that believes, and advises, that it is the kiss of death to reveal an artwork before it is finished. Thank goodness  Jude Hill doesn’t subscribe to that view. We are all the fortunate recipients of her musing out loud as she shares her  “


Nor does Katie Kendrick, who allows free access to what she is “joyously becoming.”

Denise Aumick has plenty of show and tell over at Wild Thread Studio, as do Tammy Vitale, Pam Carriker, Twila Grace, Cyndi Lavin, Susie Monday, Leah Piken Kolidas. I have their URLs on my Google Reader and visit often, because they are engaging and fascinating to follow. I have never been able to resist the workings of an open and creative mind.

I could go on and on and on. The web is literally bursting with the fireworks of inventive minds and hands~of artists who, like the women above, share often and well.

Judy Coates Perez would have to be Ms. Share Extraordinaire. Despite her many accomplishments as an artist, in May 2008 she attributed her success to the fact that blog readers spurred her on:

Through the blog I have learned so much from people. Several years ago people asked me if I taught workshops and I had to tell them no because I really didn’t know what I should teach. When people ask me questions on the blog about how I work and what products or tools I use I realize what people would want to learn from me. I appreciate this kind of feedback so much. This has really helped me move forward with taking the plunge into the world of teaching and WRITING!

So pull out all the stops, and share what you know. Heck, share what you don‘t know! There’s help and encouragement just waiting for you to ask. All of us can find a place to contribute in the big art constellation called the Internet. As Andrea Bocelli sings, “Like stars across the sky, we were born to shine.”

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