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Boldness brings rewards

Boldness has genius, power and magic. Engage, and the mind grows heated. Begin, and the work will be completed.

I read those words, by Goethe, in Robert Genn’s Painter’s Keys, and was immediately inspired.

You can think and think, and plan, and think some more, but until you begin, nothing happens.

That sounds so obvious, but many books and articles have been written about how to begin, how to face the blank page, how to deal with a blank canvas.

Beginning in essential, because that’s what brings something into being. Until we can communicate telepathically, the work of art in your head will not be accessible to anyone else. To incarnate an idea, you must begin.

Forget about obsessing whether you have anything worthwhile to show or say, if the timing is right, if so many others seem to be doing it better. Do it for yourself, and do it BOLDLY! Experience your own genius, feel your own power, be surrounded by the magic of something coming into being!

And be bold enough to tell other you have done it. Your boldness will inspire it in others. That’s part of the magic. So forget about growing old.

Grow bold!

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