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Beauty and Serenity That Shine From Within

The Creagers, members of The National Institute of American Doll Artists, have been perfecting the creation of art dolls for over 30 years. They have easily met the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell estimates are required for achieving true mastery in your skill of choice.

Every doll they produce sprang from a story that Jodi and Richard became emotionally involved with. Often, the story evolved from a study of customs and traditions of “the world’s varied ethnic groups.” However the story developed, each doll has taken on a life of its own. This is obvious, from your very first glance: a desire is quickened to explore the story behind them. These dolls have presence.

Frida ~ art doll by Jodi & Richard Creager

Not only is each doll impeccably rendered, but a setting or context is often created as well. The result is a highly emotive, three-dimensional portrait.

Japanese Shinto Nun ~ art doll by Jodi & Richard Creager

The comment the Creagers apply to the Japanese Shinto Nun, pictured above, is that “Her Beauty and Serenity shine from within…”

It is a fitting comment for their own work.

  1. Gallery I

  2. Gallery II

  3. Gallery III (Miniatures)

  4. Gallery IV (Haunting Halloween Art)

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