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I have been thinking and thinking about something for years now. Something crazy. Something I want to do, need to do.

Many signs have pointed the way: especially when I doubted whether this was the smartest way to go. I was afraid for my reputation, ha! As if I have much of a reputation to uphold. I am just a lone artist on a path to self understanding. A few others join me periodically, bless me with their interest, the fact that they care, then head off in their own directions.

Which is just as it should be.

Anyway, in a nut shell, I have some crochet projects I have to do. You heard that right, crochet. Hardly a fine arts endeavour, right? And I say, to hell with an endeavour having to be anything other than what the artist needs to do.

Am I going to tell you what I have to do? Absolutely not. This is really private stuff, that I’ll share after a lot of experimentation. I’ll maybe reveal a peak or two here and there but . . . . . I am not making any promises on that score.

And I will keep painting, keep making paper quilts, and paper jewelry, and vessels, and art pieces for my home, because I LOVE doing all these things, too.

I am willing to sit down at any and every banquet life spreads before me. And there are a lot of them.

I am lucky that way.

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