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Asphalt and Flowers

It’s interesting that after posting Finding the Door to My Secret Garden yesterday, I took this picture today in a garden at my workplace.

Pink Flowers

Such a photo can be used to form a lovely floral design.

Floral Design

I also took this photo of some cracks in the asphalt that formed such a pleasing pattern.  If I wanted to get silly, I could play the cloud game in the asphalt, and say “Can you see the fish?” Except it’s not so silly, because I really DO see a fish. (I didn’t when I snapped the pic.)

Asphalt Cracks

I rather like the juxtaposition of the two together: one is symmetrical, the other asymmetrical. One is grey and black, the other quite colorful. Nevertheless, they work quite well together. Or maybe I should say, therefore they work quite well together.

Flower Asphalt

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