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As Promised, New Paper Quilts 2

I have to bring all my quilts to the Greenwood Quiltery tomorrow, and I am  still working on one. But here are two more that are ready to go:

Night Garden


Doppelganger features my daughter-in-law, Katherine, who has been kind enough to pose for pictures, and given me carte blanche for using them in my artwork. She’s another of the lovely and generous women I am fortunate to have in my life! She is the one on top, closest to the two flowers. Her doppelgangers, behind her and below, look similar, but not exact, as most doppelgangers are eerily like us, but have some differences. If we were to find an exact match, it would be very disturbing to our poor ego!

I am in the process of updating my gallery, with the write-up and dimensions of each piece. Please check back to see this information.

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