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As Promised: New Paper Quilts!

I am really excited about the direction my work is taking me. I was going to save the revealing of the following pieces for my solo show, but decided to put them up anyway. “Saving” things is definitely overrated. I call it the Sunday Shoes Syndrome, because as a young girl I had shoes, and whole outfits, that could only be worn on Sundays for church. There were other occasions these Sunday clothes could be worn, but never just for ordinary events. SSS generalizes to ridiculous heights: the dishes you never use, the tea towels and pillow cases (that your mother-in-law hand embroidered and crocheted), the coat that is “too good” for every day, the fabric that is too nice to cut into. Every time I have a recurrence of this syndrome, I remember that quote from Annie Dillard, and grab the best to use first!

Enough said: here are a few pieces I’ve finished lately! There are more coming shortly!

Look ~ by Carol Wiebe

This is a larger version of "Contemplation," created with paper/cloth.

Contemplation 2: This larger version of "Contemplation" is a paper topped quilt.

The Summoning ~ by Carol Wiebe

I love the way this one came together! It includes chinese coins (3) and a clay leaf. My dear neighbor and friend, Wendi, came over to my studio and posed for me. She has graced a number of other pieces:  “Revelation” and “Chocolate Confessions.”

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