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As Innocuous As Possible

I suddenly realized I had not painted a painting for a while. I grabbed a few tubes of paint, and a magazine page, and went at it. I’ve said before that I love painting on top of magazine pages. I like them to be as innocuous as possible, like a few necklaces I would never wear, or a food ad.

A Certain Way of Seeing 1

Photoshop Elements gives you the ability to really pump up the saturation and see the painting in a brighter version:

A Certain Way of Seeing 2 (more saturated)

I was “under the weather” today, so I sat at the computer and made a bunch of variations. But for now, my big comfy chair and a fabulous book, “The History of Love” by Nicole Krauss, are calling.

#innocuous #PhotoshopElements #saturation #colorsaturation #TheHistoryofLove #NicoleKrauss #CWWOL20110407b #CWWOL20110407a

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