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As easy as falling off a log

Last night I tried a number of times to write a post, but WordPress was having difficulties and I couldn’t access my blogs. That is a first in my experience. Therefore, I am writing this on Wednesday morning and setting the date for yesterday. I also made a backup of my blogs (Tools, Export, Download export file to the folder of your choice). I have been much smarter with Carol Wiebe Wonders Out Loud than I was with Silverspring Studio (where I cut my blog teeth) in that I have given every photo a date corresponding to its post, and put them in order on Flickr.

I took the following picture over the weekend, while in Prince Edward County. The textures and subtle colors of an old, dead log and the natural debris within are very attractive to me. The sunshine has already brought out a few tenacious shoots of life in honor of Spring.

The drama of life and death in an old log

I had great fun making a design from this photo that reminded me of batik, in 3 different colorways:

Batik 1

Batik 2

Batik 3

Cruciform designs always appeal to me, so I created this image next:

Log Cross

There are so many crisscrosses in it, which I can hardly wait to stitch.

Then I took out a section and played with it, adding little bits here and there to integrate sections together.

Hidden Places

It’s my favorite.

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