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Arty Shots of Artists to Use in Their Art

Here is a BRILLIANT idea.

Shelby Koning had a photo shoot with her mentor and friend, Dayna Collins. Dayna posted them under the heading O Joyous Day. Would you guess that Dayna is pleased with the results?  Gaze upon them yourself and it will be immediately apparent why they engendered such joy, even if the post was a named after a “schmaltzy and contrived” poem (see Dayna’s explanation). They are stunning ~ the photos and the subject. There is nothing schmaltzy and contrived about them!

Photo of Dayna Collins by Shelby Koning (used with permission)

Photo of Dayna Collins by Shelby Koning (used with permission)

Shelby also posted about their oh-so-successful venture in her own blog,  Love Is an Institution:

I packed up suitcases of hats and vintage wear, scarves and the like and headed over to my friend Dayna’s house for a photo shoot. I swear it was all fun and no work… we shot for about 3 hours, in a variety of hats.

Dayna contributed some props of her own:  tap shoes, dolls from her collection, wings. See a sampling of the original photographs on Alley Art Studio. Fabulous comes to mind when I see them. Arty. Narrative. Mysterious.

Photo of Dayna Collins by Shelby Koning (used with permission)

Now both Dayna and Shelby are utilizing those photos in various ways in their own art.

Photo of Dayna Collins by Shelby Koning (used with permission)

Digital art by Shelby Koning (used with permission)

The idea, and the art, are truly inspired.

My only complaint about this photo-adventure is that it has instigated some emergency meditation therapy on my part.  OHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I am being overcome by envy. I covet such a collection of photos for my own use. It’s suddenly imperative that I get my hair done, buy hats, sprout wings. I don’t have any taps, darn . . .  will Birkenstocks do? Mine don’t have any cute little bows.

Shelby, first of all, you gave your blog an excellent name. If Love is an Institution, I’m committed to it.

Secondly,  if you hanker a visit to Canada, you can stay at my place absolutely free. Just bring your camera . . . . and your suitcase of props. I’ll hold up a sign at the airport, so that you can’t miss me:

The Artist Who Covets Arty Shots of Herself to Use in Her Art

For those who want to explore further into the arty ways of these two women:

Shelby Koning’s Gallery (more “Dayna art” and some digital collage)

Alley Art

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