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Artistic vision

Disintegrating leaf

Disintegrating leaf

I’m visiting family, in British Columbia, and also managing to get in a little art creation. The last few months I have been working (playing?) very intensely in my studio to get ready for a solo show, so I am actually taking a breather. Unfortunately, I am also in withdrawal, because art is so deeply embedded in my everyday life. That leaves me with photography.

While others are taking pics of sunsets and such, I gravitate towards disintegrating leaves and cracks in walls and pavement. I even managed to capture a few crows in flight with my tiny, purse-sized camera! At a recent wedding, I realized the next day when I downloaded my pictures that I had neglected to capture the bride and groom. Ahhh, artistic vision. It skews everyday life .   .  .  in a good way!

#leaves #skew #photography #artisticvision #withdrawal

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