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Are You Listening?

This song was just what I needed to hear this morning. Such a serendipitous message begged to be shared:

The group hails from Vancouver, British Columbia (Oh, Canada!), and is called August.

Linda Kidder, Rae Armour, Beverley Elliott, and Meg Tennant

These women have BIG senses of humour, and assure us that “they may not be spring chickens, but things are still cookin’ in the hen house!

Wit, wisdom, womanhood, harmonies & hilarity weave the musical tapestry known as AUGUST. The music group AUGUST combines four award-winning recording artists & singer songwriters: Beverley Elliott, Rae Armour, Meg Tennant & Linda Kidder. When AUGUST comes around, it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the music. They are equally at home on the stage or on the back porch, combining folk, country, bluegrass, and pop. With their sunny blend of harmony, humour, and timeless melodies AUGUST captures the essence of summer’s sweetness and light all year ’round.

Who can resist wit, wisdom AND womanhood in one package? I definitely relished the invitation to “come and play” along with them (especially if there are angels involved).

If your ears are singing (so much better than ringing), order August songs through August Music.  Each of these artists has built a solid singer/songwriter recording career, but together, Rae Armour, Beverley Elliott, Linda Kidder, and Meg Tennant are musical dynamite!

A contagious sense of fun really comes through this group’s music. I also caught those mellifluous harmonies and meaningful lyrics. Whether you’re dancing in the sunlight, or standing in the darkness, music like this reminds you that “someone is listening.”

(Many thanks to Sheri Gaynor, who shared this song on Creative Awakenings.)

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