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Another Gift Through the Mail

The other day I described a gift I received through an art exchange I took part in. On Friday, this little gem (7.5″ x 6″), from Bonnie of Bonnie Samuel Designs, was in my mailbox. I am beginning to understand why artists are enthusiastic about such exchanges!

Untitled ~ by Bonnie Samuel

Bonnie describes her love of art as follows:

I’ve been interested in art since a child and combining my fiber experience and knowledge with my design and painting skills has opened a new and exciting path for me in the form of textile arts. I pull together all the artistic methods that I enjoy most- fiber, paint, stitchery – and find expressive and creative voice in fiber arts.

Visit her gallery of work, and follow her artistic journey on Bonnie’s blog, as well.

In her artist statement, Bonnie ends with:

My imagery is meant for the viewer to identify with, have a good laugh, raise a fist in affirmation or simply enjoy.

Thank you so much, Bonnie, you certainly sent enjoyment my way!

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