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And the winner is . . . .

First of all, I want to thank everyone who entered a comment on my giveaway for One World, One Heart. I will certainly be visiting all your blogs in the future.

Lisa Swifka had this to say on her blog, and I echo her words completely:

I would like to sincerely THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for your participation, enthusiasm and willingness to ride the Magic Carpet through the blogging community. This 4th year has been the largest yet with many wanting it to continue.  We’ll see by the end of this year if there will be a 5th but in the meantime meeting and mingling doesn’t have to end. Have fun visiting or revisiting and getting to know one another.

Thanks to a random number generator, I picked True.

For True: The One World, One Heart event was through. It was time to choose, and the name I drew Was a name that I liked the sound of ~ True. Truth is something I purposely pursue. “Seeking Clarity” will now imbue Your being with emotions from which it grew. And since you create from your heart, too, I know those feelings will inspire you. We jumped on the carpet, and joyfully flew, Because giving is what we artists do. Our spirits infuse every line and hue, And underpin our points of view. Art is not something I could eschew. When things fall apart, it is my glue. Like food and breath, it’s my life’s rescue, And fully deserves this hullabaloo!

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