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And so it begins . . . again

And so it begins

But sharing is tricky. My aim (need?) has always been to appear accomplished, polished. Works in progress (WIPs) are messy, half-done, often ugly.  I have tried to add them to my various art blogs and websites through the years to no avail. Whether it was my insecurities, my ego, my Inner Critics (who has only one?), I could seldom do it. That was before All Day Breakfast, my son’s daily offering of thoughts and images.

It took me a while to get warmed up to ADB. Understand that he is my grown son: grown and accomplished with a life and family of his own. A mother doesn’t want to hover, poke her nose in too often, when it comes to grown sons. But I shortly became hooked. I have to admit I tingled voyeuristically with knowing a little more of “what he was up to,” but soon I just became fascinated with the workings of the mind behind ADB. What that mind chose to share, what it revealed, affirmed, espoused, exposed, admitted, even proclaimed!

That said, let’s get back to my sharing “problem.” I saw what Jason was doing and began to realize it is far more powerful to expose my WIPs, show my raw, imperfect work, and (hopefully) how I resolve it–or don’t.

Jason has given me a brilliant method I can live with. I can write all over my WIPs, circle the problem areas, do whatever I want to and with them. But I can, and will, share them, along with some of the thoughts and doubts they breed.

I will not add Jason’s Create More Manifesto, except as a link, but I fully endorse and adopt its “life-changing stipulations.” Crack it open, if you dare.

And so it begins . . . again.


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